Our 7 Step Build Process

Step 1 - Contact

  • From initial contact – Roger will work through this build process so you can move at your own pace
  • Discuss with you how to find a suitable house design to suit your budget, your lifestyle needs and land size
  • Discuss inclusions. You might be after upgrades from our standard inclusions, floor plans & facade options
  • Provide you with a build estimate based on our discussions
  1. No changes to our inclusions
  2. No changes to plans
  3. Based on an engineered  “M Class Site”


Step 2 – Preliminary Information

  • First one-on-one meeting with Roger – onsite or your home after hours - I know how busy life can be
  • In-depth discussion - Plan and inclusions selection
  • Discuss any plan changes you might be wanting
  • Discuss plan orientation to optimise your home to suit the South-East Queensland climate
  • Sign a HIA Preliminary Contract to provide Readcon the permission to,
  1. Conduct a site inspection of your land by Roger
  2. Engage Engineer to perform soil tests
  3. Engage Surveyor to perform a contour survey
  4. Engage Draftsperson to add your design on your land
  5. Engage Draftsperson to make any changes you requested
  • After all the above has been completed (approx. 2 weeks) we will document all inclusions and provide a specification of the selections made
Readcon will require from you:

- Provide information of your land – SP Plans, Estate Covenants

- Finalise your land contract and provide land settlement date

- Arrange your finance

- Pay the Preliminary Contract amount

- Finalize your plan and facade options




  • Email all contract documents for your review
  • Working Drawings
  • Specification
  • Engineering
  • Final Contract Price
  • Discuss with you your contract information and make sure everything is OK
  • Discuss any prelodgemnt advice
  • READCON will provide you with and explain in detail,
    • HIA fixed price contract
    • Specification
    • Working Drawings
    • Engineering Design & Drawings


Step 4 – Finalise Colour Selection

  • Fill in the colour selection form Readcon will provide you
  • If you require help, we can point you in the direction of a colour consultant
  • Submit all documentation for building certification
Readcon will require from you:

- Forward your contract to your lending authority

- Liase with your financier

- Your covenent approval letter



Step 5 – Building Approval

  • Forward the building approval to you
  • Confirm construction start date
  • Contact you if you wish to meet onsite at the start of construction
Readcon will require from you:
  1. Check all contract documents as these overide all previous versons or requests
  2. If selected – meet Roger on site on the day we start construction
  3. Ensure your land is clear of
    1. Rubbish
    2. Trees (if they not in the contract to remove)
    3. Grass is cut
    4. Advise your neighbour we are starting to build soon



Step 6 - Construction

Roger will contact & meet you onsite as a MININIUM at these milestones during the construction process

  • Site Cut/Scrape
  • Slab Completion
  • Frame Completion – meet onsite & discuss plumbing & electricial plans & make sure everything is what you require
  • Tiling Pre Start – Meet and discuss your tiling
  • Practical Completion – all contract items are completed and your home is fit for its intended purpose, to be lived in. Perform inspections on all items in the contract and specificatrion are compelted & working corectly
Readcon will require from you:

- Liase with your lending authority regarding the payment of nominated progress payments as per the contract

- Arange payment of Practical Completion

Contact your Power company

- Contact your Telephone Company & NBN Connections

- Contact your insurance company



Handover – The Home is yours

  • Meet at your new home to handover the keys to your new home
  • Provide you with your handover warranties and certificates
Readcon require from you:

- Attend your Handover meeting

- Contact your moving company

- Make sure all payments have been paid as cleared funds is redquired for the keys to be handed over