Readcon's Custom Home Build Process

There are 2 main ways Roger's team can make a client's dream home a reality - by constructing a custom home design from scratch to the client's exact specifications or by the client choosing from the many standard home plans available. Either way, the level of service remains exceptional and personalised.

Readcon Homes follows these 6 simple steps when designing a new custom built home for a client:

The 6 New House Design Steps

1. Initial meeting

Roger sits down to discuss the client's budget, the land & the orientation of the block and to discuss how the home would be best situated on the land available, as well as discuss views, outlooks and any special needs required.

A meeting on-site is preferable to see what the Readcon team will be working with. Roger requests the client bring along block information, SP plans, covenants, photos of anything the client likes (ie: from magazines, personal photos and/or drawings, and anything showing the features the client wishes to include in the design. 

If happy to move forward, Roger discusses the preliminary costs and then books in a meeting with a designer to begin the home design stage.

2. Design

At a time best suited to the client, a design meeting is held to run through ideas with the architect, and dreams of how you want the home to look, plus anything which will help the architect put to paper the client's ideas.   

10-15 working days later, the client is presented with an architectural design to review. The client can tweak and make changes if required to make sure Readcon get the architectural design exactly the way the client wants it.

3. Working drawing Stage 1

After the client is happy with the architectural design, Readcon's custom home builders Sunshine Coast then start the computer CAD stage of the home. 

In 10-15 working days the client will receive floor plans and elevations so they can see the change from the sketch to a CAD set of plans. If there is anything the client still wants to change, they can - without any cost at this stage as the plans have not been completed. 

It is quite normal to make changes at this stage as well as Readcon have gone from the ideas stage to the computer CAD drawing stage, through this process the client may have gained a fresh perspective on certain design elements. Now is the time to make tweaks to the custom built home design.

At this stage Readcon will also provide an estimate - this is so the team keep to the budget in place.

4. Working drawing Stage 2

Now that the client is happy with the CAD Drawings, Readcon's builders now move to make the final construction plans ready. These are in a format ready for engineering, BA approval, final contract quotation & also construction.

5. Quotation

The plans, engineering and specification are then sent to Readcon's suppliers and tradespeople for quotation. This allows a fixed price contract to be provided. 

Another 10-15 working days and Readcon have the final contract pricing on hand and are now ready to meet and discuss everything that is required to sign a contract and start your residential construction project. 

6. Contract

Now that the client has their fixed contract pricing, Readcon can sit down and discuss the HIA contract, run through the process of construction, construction timeframes, BA approval process and finally sign a HIA contract.

As soon as the contract is signed, Readcon Homes have completed the preliminary stage and it's time to move into the construction stage, submit for BA approval and start construction as soon as the BA approval is provided.

Please Note: During all the above stages, Readcon will be in discussion with its Certifier regarding the client's custom home design and BA approval. This is to lessen any delays with the BA approval process.